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You see many cakes out there or you may have also spent a nice slash of your money in order to find the tastiest bakes in town. However, what makes Say AA so special is its unbeatable freshness and amazing quality. We provide Online cake delivery in Mumbai

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I just want to say that her Cake was absolutely Perfect. Our family agreed after the first bite that it was the best tasting cake, we have ever had.
Customer who ordered onlinee cake deliveery in Mumbai
If I could ever give Say आ a 6/5 rating I would, because that's what the brand deserves. Thank you so much for lighting up the Birthday
Customer Anjali
I must say that I’m quite impressed by Say आ. Never believed that Home-baked products could be this tasty. Bang on Keep it up !!
ritu our customer

Why choose us as the best cake shop in Mumbai ?

Handcrafted & Home baked

Heavenly Taste

Hygienic conditions

Delivery on Demand

100 % customization

Vegetarian mark

Pure Vegetarian ingredients 

Alter recipes as per your lifestyle 

1000 % Fresh

How to order for online cake delivery in Mumbai ?

We have an amazing menu that suits the tongue taste of all. Do checkout our Menu for all the amazing flavours we bake 

The best cake shop in Mumbai now has several payment options


  • Delivery timings are 10 Am to 7 Pm, however, we also do midnight deliveries on special requests.
  • Please let us know about any modifications in your orders at least 2 days in advance.
Different payment options for online cake delivery in mumbai


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes absolutely, we deliver to locations across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. Yes, we do charge a reasonable fee for it since we do not add them to the costs of your products. Doing online cake delivery in Mumbai is a tricky business & hence we want to do them in the best possible way.

Since we bake your products right from scratch and each and every one of them is handmade, we recommend placing your order at least 3-4 days in advance. 70 % of our Calendar has clients scheduled throughout the month, and we do not want to lose out on making your occasion special, hence it’s always recommended to pre-book your slot. Follow us on Instagram for more updates. 

Absolutely! Compared to other cake shops in Mumbai this is the uniqueness of our brand. Each and every end product is handcrafted and home baked to give you the most memorable taste.

We have always believed that Baking is an art and what better than having custom designs to it. Yes! We do offer customized cakes in Mumbai and you can order them online right away.

Online cake delivery in Mumbai tends to become costly. We try our best to deliver our products to you in the most minimal costs, so that it’s never an expensive affair buying from us. We are located at Tilaknagar (Mumbai) hence your delivery charges are determined as per your delivery location from us.

Gone are the days when people used to think that Home made bakes are not delicious or better than the other cake shops in Mumbai  In fact, we highly recommend you to try our products since we give you live updates through Photos and texts about your orders. This, in turn, helps to increase the transparency with our customers beyond four walls. The choice is now yours, do you prefer machine-made bulk bakes or handcrafted delicacies?

Ahh, that’s sad and we apologise that we missed out on serving such a wonderful customer. However Baking is a complex process with many ingredients used to it, hence it’s our advice that you shouldn’t consume our products since your health is more important to us. 

It’s quite hard to distinguish between a real and digitalized colour of a product online. Yes, we will try our best, but we do not want to make the bake look too artificial or end up having a lot of colour. So products may differ on the basis of colour shades.

Orders can be cancelled 2 days before. For this, we have a designated WhatsApp Button on the site. We bake your products from zero to keep them absolutely fresh hence we recommend to preplan your orders with us.

We do not want to keep ourselves limited to any designs/ flavours. Infact we constantly update ourselves in order to create a seamless experience for our customers. Our business cycle gives you the power to select your own design, colour or add-ons. Therefore, we recommend customers to get in touch with us on a personal level to get a bang for their buck. Now how cool is that ;)

We are here for our customers and our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. If there is a noticeable and a huge mistake from our side we recommend you to not consume the bake any further and get it back to us, so that we could rectify the mistakes on our side and help you in the best possible way.