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Futuristic cake ideas in 2020, that are hidden from us

Futuristic cake ideas that have stayed hidden from us? We know that you think this article won’t surprise you and that you have seen the best cakes of all, but today Say aa brings to you the most futuristic-looking designs and ideas that will make you go WOW!

Cakes are evolving ever since its existence. The need for a cake has become far more common for several events today. They say that a cake is the centrepiece of an occasion, and we couldn’t disagree. A cake does not just serve the purpose of being the opening dessert but plays a far more vital role in cherishing the present moment. One can literally describe the theme of the party just by the look of their cake.

The reason why we bring to you this list of the most today is because you can have a set of expectations of what cakes from the future would look like and probably also plan your grand child’s first birthday cake (haha……. just kidding …)

The cakes on this list are either here on the basis of their concept or on the basis of their design. We looked up the Internet and found why they actually deserve big credit. It’s finally time to get in and take a look at what cakes from the future look like.

The best futuristic cake ideas that we have picked for you are listed below

  • Laser edged Chocolate block cake
  • Upside down hanging cakes
  • Fig-themed cake by Wade
  • 3d Projection mapped cake
  • Portrait cakes
  • Rubix cake by Cedric
  • Avant-Gard Phoenix winged cake
  • Sliced illumination cake

8) Laser edged Chocolate block cake

Image Source – 3ddevice.com

  • Made by – Dinara Kasko
  • Highlights – Use of 3d Printing to make her cakes look out of this world.

When you talk about futuristic cakes this baker and her wonderful creations can never be written off, One of the world’s first bakers to adopt 3d printing technology for commercial baking. The chef to make this masterpiece is none other than Dinara Kasko who is from Ukraine. She is 28 years old and is a pastry chef who combines geometrical shapes and architectural designs to create her artwork. She boasts of a staggering 645 k followers on her Instagram till date and is a true role model to futuristic cake ideas.

The cake takes inspiration from laser edged technology and looks very futuristic in itself. It’s baked in a special mould that allows it to have spaces in between the base for the red whipped cream to settle in. After the baking process, it is air sprayed with grey granule particles to give it the dark texture effect. We know a solid colour can stand out only when the background behind is dark, that’s exactly why the air spraying technique was used. Finally, the red cream/liquid fills the spaces between the base of the cake in order to complete the laser inspired chocolate block design.

How about looking at a futuristic wedding cake idea

7) The upside-down hanging cake

the upside down hanging cake is another fututristic wedding cake concept

Image Source – via Sarah Beth photography

  • Made by – Oliver James Sugarcraft
  • Highlights – Upside down structure of the cake making it look geometrically awkward.

Yes, we accept that this cake is certainly not comfortable to the eye. We also do not deny that 4 Tier wedding cakes are a thing and are common for years now. However, what flips our mind is an inverted 4 Tier wedding cake that hangs upside down. Yes, you heard that right a cake hanging upside down. Did they add magic to it? Nah! We don’t believe that. Is there something called as edible glue? Well, this wonderful creation was worked and made by the hands of the one and only Oliver James. To know how these cakes are assembled watch the video below.

By now you must have understood how tricky it is to get these cakes done right. Imagine having a cake on your wedding day that’s not just a 3/4 tier, not just beautifully decorated, not just graces your function, but is inverted upside down to shock the incredible guests at your wedding. How’s that for a futuristic wedding cake.

6) Fig themed cake

fig-themed-cake is a crazy futuristic cake idea

Image Source – cakes by wade

  • Made by – Cakes by Wade
  • Highlights – The idea behind not having a chaos in slicing equal parts of the cake is finally resolved.

This fig themed cake from cakes by wade has to be the ultimate example of the cakes under cake concept. Heard about anyone who loves sharing their piece of cake? We all know it’s a big confusion when it comes to slicing cakes into equal parts. Cakes by wade just solved a significant problem with their concept of this fig themed cake. One absolutely need not worry about his/her share or about slicing the cake accurately.

Perfect for any event, the top of the cake is a base made for the cutting ceremony while the bottom consists of the cute little fig themed mini cakes, that makes it easy to serve people.

When technology transforms a simple cake into futuristic cake idea

5) 3D projection-mapped cake

3d map projection is the future of cake

Image Source – luma bakery

  • Made by – Many companies around the world.
  • Highlights – The ability to depict stories and designs as per one’s wish is a mind-blowing element of these cakes.

What if we told you it’s now possible to screen your life story or portray a video of your choice on a cake. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Talking about futuristic cake ideas this one is a no brainer. A 3d projection video being played on a cake is not what people are aware of. Happily, we are sure that this is going to be a common futuristic cake idea. We know words can’t express its beauty and that’s why we have a video to display its elegance. Watch it below to understand what 3d mapping is all about and how it could be used in your futuristic wedding cake.

4) Portrait cakes

Potrait cakes becoming the perfect futuristic wedding cake

Image Source – cakes decor.com

  • Made by – Gosh Cakes
  • Highlights – The talent used to sketch a person’s face and then put it on the cake in an edible form.

A portrait of ourselves sketched on canvas excites our brain, now imagine the happiness when you can have your actual face sketched on a cake. This portrait piece from gosh cakes is an example of what futuristic cake ideas actually are. Today anything and everything can be represented in the form of a cake. Edible printing is the present but fondant painting is the future. Yes, every bit and inch of the cake is edible including the colours and crayons used to sketch the girl on the cake. To give you an idea of what fondant painting looks like we have a video below.

The cake in the image was a double-barrel gluten-free chocolate cake. The portrait was used making rolkem powder colours and is airbrushed from the sides and the back. Fresh flowers were picked as per the client’s liking to complete the cake.

At Say aa Mumbai, we would love doing print cakes for you. Any image in the world can be brought to life with the help of our cakes in a completely edible form. To see our products do follow us on Instagram or like our Facebook page.

We never knew that toys could also be an inspiration for futuristic cake ideas

3) Rubik’s cake

Image Source – Cédric grolet’s Instagram, Facebook

  • Made by- Cédric Grolet
  • Highlights – A cake that gives you a different flavour with every bite into it.

Yeah! Not all of us are masters at solving Rubix cubes. But what about eating one? Not kidding but this cake is made in the form of a Rubix cube with each mini cube having a different flavour. (Paying something for 27 different flavours is simply excellent). It’s not just the flavours that excite us but also the architecture of the cake. Watch the 2-min Interview with Cedric Grolet one of the best pastry chefs in the world to understand why this piece has been added in the list of the most futuristic cake ideas.

This delectable treat consists of 27 individual cakes adjusted together to make this miracle cake. The treats boast about season pairings like apricot, rosemary, cherry and tarragon. Moreover, the cook overlooked the toy’s palette of essential hues and rather settled on increasingly exquisite shading plans. Some are unusual, some are unbiased, and one is even completely made out of a cake shrouded in a gleaming gold icing!

Let’s also look at how your dress could exactly match your futuristic wedding cake

2) Avant-garde (phoenix winged dress cake)

phoenix themed cake for futurisitc cake ideas

Image Source – cakes decor.com

  • Made by- NA
  • Highlights – A cake designed to exactly match your dress.

Now that’s way too futuristic to our eyes! How mesmerizing does it sound to have a cake perfectly arrayed to match your wedding or Birthday dress? This 4 Tier towering cake is way too beautiful to cut. Having the ability to craft and design a cake to match anything and everything is a rare and special talent, maybe that’s why we could not find who the real Baker to this cake is.

This is a 4 tier wedding cake with a black layer sitting on top of three layers of white fondant. As seen in the picture the black vertical lines run throughout it in the same way the lines run on the dress of the model. (just awestruck with the detailing) It is then characterized with phoenix themed feathered props which we don’t know if it’s edible or not. In the end at the bottom sits a brown base in order to represent the thighs of the model. Futuristic cake ideas cannot be any better.

When a cake floats and glows at the same time, you know it has to be a futuristic cake idea

1) Sliced Illumination cake

sliced illumination cake as a futuritic cake idea

Image Source – BuzzFeed / Avalon cakes school

  • Made by – Avalon cakes
  • Highlights – Floating slices and illumination within the cake absolutely make it a winner.

Creativity and hard work are the two absolute terms that define this beauty. A tree trunk themed cake that floats. We have no idea as to how the slices have been suspended and floating in the middle of the cake, let alone leave the idea of the glow We do know it’s going to be very expensive and it rightfully takes the number one spot on our list.

The scales that run across the cake give it a realistic look almost ending up like a cake that matches the scales of a reptile. Moreover, the illumination just adds to its overwhelming look and definitely makes it a bake from out of this world. GOT fans maybe drooling.

What do we think about all these futuristic-looking cakes?

Well, we believe there are many other masterpieces that are not on this list. We are truly amazed at the level of which cakes are evolving. Our favourite must be the Avant-Garde Phoenix themed cake for all its hard work and uniqueness.

Let us know in the comments below about what do you have to say about these futuristic cake ideas.

The Best comment does win a special discount from us on their next order. Hastalavista, Happy eating

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