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14 Most expensive cakes in the world that will burn all your life savings

Most expensive cakes in the world that will burn your life savings? Yes, you read that right. Cakes a word which brings water to your mouth right as you hear it. We understand that the more complicated the cake the more expensive it is. However, what we bring to you today from the list of the most expensive cakes in the world blows our mind away. Talk about the most expensive cakes you might have a cap limit of spending on your mind. I say seeing this list, forget about thinking of even affording these cake, It’s unimaginable to even buy a slice of it. Think of it in this way, What if your wedding cake had to be the most expensive wedding cake, how much would you be ready to shell on it? $2000, $20,000, what about $ 2 million ?

Ain’t that crazy? You heard that right the cakes on this list are next to unimaginable and unaffordable. What makes you go crazy is its look and design which does not even impress cent percent. Anyways like they say rich people rich taste, in other words, maybe we are out of their league of thinking. No matter whatever the equation seems to be; it’s better we take a look at what the top 14 most expensive cakes look like

The following list contains the most expensive cakes in the world

  • Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s towering wedding cake – $ 40,000
  • The wedding cake of Princess Diana – $ 40,000
  • Sofía Vergara And Joe Manganiello wedding cake – $50,000
  • Gucci Mane And Keyshia Ka’oi wedding cake – $75,000
  • Fiona Cairns Royal Cake for Princess Kate – $78,000
  • Platinum Cake by Nobue Ikara – $130,000
  • Masami Miyamoto’s Diamond Chocolate Cake – $850,000
  • Luster Dust Cake – $1.3 million
  • Africa Cake – $5 million
  • Nahid Parsa’s Luxury Bridal Show Cake – $20 million
  • Devorah Rose Diamond Gala Cake – $30 million
  • Dimuthu Kumarasinghe Pirates Fantasy Cake – $35 million
  • The National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake – $52 million
  • Debbie Wingham’s Runaway Cake – $75 million

We all know that no ingredients alone can make these cakes so expensive. Yes, many of these cakes contain a whole lot of jewelry and look more of a treasure box.

Let’s Hurry and see what makes them the most expensive cakes in the world.

price comparision of the 14 most expensive cakes in the world

14. Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s towering wedding cake – $40,000

Image source –

  • Dimensions – Traditional 6 Tier (12 Tiers height)
  • Uniqueness – Floral decoration and it’s huge size
  • Occasion – Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s wedding

The towering wedding cake sits 14th on our list. Though so huge it does not forget to please the eye. This is one of the biggest cakes on this list. Red Aesthetics are gracing the cake from top to bottom and its design is consists of black and white layers. Silver sterling leaves and purple sugar roses make the cake look elegant. Having huge stars such as Michael Jackson at your wedding will obviously make you and your preparations anxious, however, Liza did not be a miser anywhere.

What’s funnier is that even though this is Liza’s fourth wedding she never fails to amaze everyone with the cake becoming the center of the eye. Adding more spice to the story their relationship lasted just 18 months !! Quite a sad way to spend $40,000 :(

13. The Wedding cake of Princess Diana – $40,000

  • Creator – Chef S. G. Sender, David Avery
  • Dimensions – 5 Tiers
  • Flavour – Fruit Cake
  • Uniqueness – Geometrics of the cake
  • Occasion – Princess Diana’s wedding

This Royal piece of beauty garnered attention when one of its slices was auctioned off even after 37 years of the wedding. This cake stood 5 Tiers tall with its core flavour being a fruitcake. The cake included the family coat of arms, the couple’s initials and intricate design of flowers. Each tier of the cake was drafted in the shape of a pentagon and was set up with Roman Columns. The cake looked like a German Christmas pyramid and was quite classic amongst the 27 other cakes that arrived at the wedding. Imagine spending this sort of money during the 1900s.

It’s really crazy that the fruitcake holds up for 137 years after the wedding for the auction. We know you so badly want to try baking a fruitcake don’t worry we got you covered up. Check out one of the easiest fruitcake recipes on the Internet. It just really shows the difference between today’s cakes and cakes from the past. Surely this cake marked its existence in history. Also, if you are looking for your own wedding cake here is our menu

12. Sofía Vergara And Joe Manganiello wedding cake – $50,000

a beautiful wedding cake making it to the top most expensive cakes in the world
  • Created by – Sylvia Weinstock 
  • Uniqueness – The beauty of this cake is everything!
  • Occasion – Sofía Vergara And Joe Manganiello wedding cake

Apart from the Royals, this is the second most expensive wedding cake

We all know how much Sofia loves sweet things and what more of a better occasion than her marriage to flaunt one of the best looking cake in the world This was designed as a 5 layer masterpiece with white and ivory flowers drooling from each tier. The designer Sylvia is known as the queen of cakes and she knows how to justify her tag quite satisfyingly. The cake was designed to match the venue and theme of the wedding and oh good lord it did!!

Obviously, the wedding did not stay limited to just the cake but also made it talks for the variety of desserts it offered like different sundaes and customized toppings.

11. Gucci Mane And Keyshia Ka’oir’s wedding cake – $75,000

  • Created by –  Edda’s Cake Designs
  • Dimensions – 10 feet tall
  • Flavour – red velvet, amaretto, carrot, banana nut, and Jamaican rum
  • Occasion – Gucci Mane And Keyshia Ka’oir’s wedding
  • Uniqueness – 8000 edible sugar flowers and 2500 Swarovski crystals

Beauty and Elegance are the words to describe this wonderful-looking cake, We just can’t take our eyes off it. Talk about a very expensive cake this is what it should look like. We can talk about it all day and night and we would never get tired. The cake stood 10 feet tall which in turn required the couple to cut it with a sword. The cake Tiers consisted of two fat layers and altered between the different flavours mentioned above. With the mention of the flavours, we Remember what the hubby had to say

Of all the flavours on the cake, Im sure Wifey wanted the banana.

The Swarovski crystals embedded in every tier of the cake completed the theme of the wedding. This really looked like a $75,000 cake compared to the other cakes on the list. The couple really knows what was needed to drag the attention of the media towards them and bagged a place in the list of the most expensive cakes in the world. God Bless them for gracing our article with such a gorgeous cake.

10. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding cake – $78,000

  • Created by – Fiona Cairns
  • Dimensions – 3 feet tall weighing 220 pounds structured in 8 Tiers.
  • Flavour – Fruitcake
  • Uniqueness – Strange for a Royal wedding cake to be this small ^_^
  • Occasion – Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding

10th on our list is the Royal cake from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. This cake stood just 3 feet Tall with the traditional 8 Tier structure. Honestly strange for being this small taking into account the history of cakes at the royal weddings. The cake had started taking shape 2 months before the wedding. Yes I know you might think that how could someone eat stale cakes at their wedding but this notion is completely wrong.

Fruit cakes take time to mature and have a longer shelf life compared to modern sponge cakes. The addition of alcohol to it helps them preserve better for a longer period of time. Not Royal Icing but the use of fondant is done in the making of this cake. The cake features 900 sugar paste bows, ribbons flowers, etc giving it a quite intricate and detailed look.

Apart from having such a beautiful wedding cake and instead of serving it to the guest, the plans for royal weddings have always been different and additional cakes were baked and sliced in order to serve the guests at the wedding. The story revolving around Royal cakes is that they are preserved for years and even used furthermore at the christening of their children. Sounds funny for a Tradition isn’t it?

9. Nobue Ikara’s platinum cake – $130,000

Image source –

  • Created by – Nobue Ikara
  • Flavour – Fondant cake with base flavour unknown
  • Uniqueness – draped in platinum chains, necklaces, pins, pendants, and edible foils/platinum flakes.
  • Occasion – Marketing gimmick by Platinum Guild International

Now tell me what do you think of this cake when its slapped with the price tag of $ 130,000? The first time we saw it our thought is that people have been shaking trees in order to earn money and therefore it’s so easy spending so much on a cake, instead we were proved wrong when we get to know that this was indeed created for a marketing gimmick rather than for tasting purposes.

Yes, Platinum Guild International is a brand that was promoting women to come closer towards platinum Jewellery and make more use of it. It’s the same brand that sponsored the making of this cake and even though the cake itself does not surprise you we had to put it on our list since the shine of the platinum could not drag our eye away. The cake is a fondant cake dressed in beautiful platinum jewelry and yes it’s not the only thing that covers up for its okayish design but also the fact that the cake has edible platinum flakes covered in plain fondant and frosting.

Imagine about paying such a huge price for a marketing gimmick and make it one of the most expensive cakes in the world.

Still, if you can afford a $130,000 poop after eating it we surely beg of you to check out its auction price because it’s still not sold until today. We know it reminds you of the one moment where you messed up your cake. The positive about the cake is the fact that it was dedicated to women empowerment and turned out to be a successful campaign by the brand. Honestly one of the most basic designs for the huge price tag. We are not happy with its amount and the cake grabbing a place on the list of the most expensive cakes in the world.

8. Masami Miyamoto’s Diamond Chocolate Cake – $850,000

  • Created by – Masami Miyamoto, Sa-Birth
  • Dimensions – 14-inch
  • Flavour – Unknown but reports state it as ganache chocolate.
  • Uniqueness – Layered with 100 diamonds!
  • Occasion – Marketing gimmick by Takashimaya departmental store.

Like the other delicacies on this list of the most expensive cakes in the world, this little beauty turns out to be the 8th costliest cake. The cake is decorated with 100 diamonds weighing up to a total of 50 carats. It takes the concept of a tree with its branches bearing beautiful fruits to it. The cake was created for marketing purposes to attract customers that come for Christmas shopping at a mall. It is kept for display at the Takashimaya department store in the western city of Osaka. The cake is set up for auction and has no buyers till date but the owners are confident justifying the price tag because of the jewelry attached to it.

It’s still confusing to the world how things like these can fetch massive amounts at auctions. However, Marketing today can go to crazy limits and now we understand why one of the most expensive cakes was sure to be a part of it. Someone said the world is crazy!! Well said by anonymous.

7. Luster Dust Cake – $1.3 million

A cake covered in diamonds with intricate floral pattern is also part of the list of the most expensive cakes in the world

Image source –

  • Created by –  Dallas’ Delicious Cakes, Butch Stivers
  • Dimensions – 1 foot tall, weighing 160 pounds.
  • Flavour – Ivory fondant
  • Uniqueness – Studded with 240 diamonds and silver dust.
  • Occasion – Dallas Bridal Fair

This Luster dust cake was designed in 2010. Luster dust frosting is the main ingredient used in the making of this cake. It is dressed with a million-dollar worth diamonds and was created for the Dallas bridal fair, being kept on public display. The curvy lines of the cake were decorated with silver dust. This foam inserted cake had to be kept under a 24-hour watch and transported in an armored vehicle !!

The thing that we loved most about this cake is its colour and its specialization for the use of Ivory fondant. The Dallas bridal fair has never disappointed and facilitates the gateway for this cake as well as to draft this list of most expensive cakes in the world, with one of its creations to become part of the records. However, when we heard the most surprising part of it we went nuts. Want to hear what was it?

Well, what if I told you that after spending 1.3 million on a cake you won’t even get a bite of this!!. Correct, because this cake is not edible and would only prove to be a showpiece at your place. 1.3 million dollars for a showpiece that’s not even too much of a show?

6. Africa Cake – $5 million

Image source –

  • Dimensions – Shaped as the African continent
  • Flavour – Chocolate Marble cake
  • Uniqueness – Boundaries embedded with diamonds
  • Occasion – Not known

What do you have to say about this $5 million cake? We do not have words to describe how wack we feel about it. If I’m spending 5 million on a cake I expect it to look the best, taste the best and even it should sing music to us by itself!! (just kidding…) This cake was created by a Jewelry store owner who was probably thinking he could put diamonds anywhere and make the cake a part of the most expensive cakes in the world. Its borders are embedded with real diamonds and the African continent tip being bombarded with it. The tip embossed with 2000 diamonds that depict Africa’s hotspots for diamond mines.

We still have mixed feelings about this cake, although our feelings don’t matter. Why? Because we do not have a million dollars especially 5 to spend on it!

5. Nahid Parsa’s Luxury Bridal Show Cake – $20 million

Image source –

  • Created by – Nahid Parsa 
  • Dimensions – Stood 1 and 1/2 feet tall
  • Uniqueness – Gold flakes and Huge amount of diamonds.
  • Occasion – A Luxury bridal show

The Luxury Bridal Show held in Beverly Hills, California always has something to amuse its audience, in fact, if we were writing this article in 2006, this would be the most expensive cake back then. It’s elegant, it’s gorgeous and it’s one of the prettiest cakes on our list. (our most favorite) It is decorated with huge diamonds placed so elegantly on the cake that it’s hardly noticeable. It takes the shape of a bride’s gown and is truly majestic with the pink flowers blossoming at the bottom of the cake. The cake is covered in gold dust and gold flakes and was kept under heavy guard.

Obviously, a piece from the most expensive cakes in the world had to be guarded ;)

Even though the cake was edible none were allowed to even come close to it since there were 6 guards alone guarding the cake during the event. We may not be able to afford a single bodyguard for life and here we are reading about 6 bodyguards protecting a cake. A CAKE !!

4. Devorah Rose Diamond Gala Cake – $30 million

Image source –

  • Created by – Buddy Valastro and his crew.
  • Dimensions – Traditional 7 Tier cake
  • Uniqueness – Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds
  • Occasion – Devorah’s Diamond Gala

So 4th most expensive cake in the world again for a very basic looking cake, however the Rose Diamond Gala cake from Buddy Valastro and his team becomes the most expensive cake on cake boss. Trust me Say AA can bake these for a lot less than you can ever imagine. Your fantasy of having an identical dessert which is a part of the most expensive cakes in the world ends here. Check out for more info. Anyways the cake is said to be studded with Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds and was made at the request of Devorah who is quite famous for her lavish living. The cake was made by the creator of “CAKE BOSS” a reality show after he significantly gained Interest in becoming the chef who created the world’s most expensive cake back then.

Devorah loves to be in the limelight all the time, she is deemed to be a media powerhouse. Again nothing much great for such a huge price, wonder how it’s going to be when Jewel’s become easily edible.

3. Dimuthu Kumarasinghe Pirates Fantasy Cake – $35 million

pirate cake is the third most expensive cakes in the world

Image source –

  • Created by – Chef D.K (Dimuthu Kumarasinghe)
  • Flavour – cinnamon, zucchini, purple yam, coconut chips as well as pistachio, rosemary, almond cookies, white chocolate, coconut meringue, baked cheese, sweet wineberry, pineapple, walnut, pumpkin, and lemon.
  • Uniqueness – The varying flavours in each bite, The KING SAPPHIRE.

The ten layered cake that boasts about it’s different taste in each layer.

If this list was about the 10 most innovative cakes of all time we would surely have this cake lingering around the top. What a justification to its price tag the cake consists of different flavours like the cinnamon, zucchini, purple yam, coconut chips as well as pistachio, rosemary, almond cookies, white chocolate, coconut meringue, baked cheese, sweet wineberry, pineapple, walnut, pumpkin, and lemon.

It is adorned with different precious stones belonging to the sapphire family. The rarest stone i.e the Padmaraja also known as the King sapphire was used. For decorations, the Chef has dipped into a treasure trove of necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches pendants, tie pins, cuff links, nose and toe rings.

We absolutely loved every inch of this cake for the innovations it brings to the table. For cake lovers, this should be the cake you’d want to spend all your money on. Captain Jack Sparrow is surely proud of this eh!

2. The National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake – $52 million

Image source –

  • Created by –  Jules and Tim Smith
  • Dimensions – 8 tier
  • Flavour – White fondant cake with no disclosure on core flavour
  • Uniqueness – Apart from the Diamonds and the high price tag, Absolutely nothing.
  • Occasion – National Gay wedding show.

Another way of burning cash when it comes to spending on nothing. a 52 million price tag for a cake to be a part of the most expensive cakes in the world and no justification to it apart from its diamonds is not just worth the talk. This piece satisfied a purpose for a TV show aired in Liverpool. The cake took just 5 days for its bakers since there is nothing so special about it. Its existence is in use to break records and garner attention towards the event. Although being totally edible it gets our mood off for bragging such a top place on this list.

The owners of the cake that shattered so many records to become the costliest cake in the world had this to say.

” I know there is a lot going on with the recession, but this is only a bit of fun, it’s not to be taken seriously  “

1. Debbie Wingham’s Runaway Cake – $75 million

photo by – adel hanna from studio 67

  • Created by – Debbie Wingham
  • Dimensions – 6 foot long and weighs 1000 pounds
  • Flavours – Triple Belgium Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache.
  • Uniqueness – 4000 diamonds with pink, yellow, black and white diamonds.
  • Occasion – Birthday cum engagement party for the daughter of an unnamed Arab Couple.

This cake has shattered every record to date to become the most expensive cake of all time. It costs a staggering 75 Million US dollars, Crazy enough to burn a hole in not just yours but your generation’s and generation’s wallets. Honestly, we have seen prettier cakes than this and assure we could even make something absolutely stunning in just under 10,000 INR!!.

75 Million Dollars is the pay to take the first place in the list of the most expensive cakes in the world :P

Anyways the cake resembles the concept of Ramp walk with fondant figures dominating the core of the cake. Chocolate Ganache and Triple Belgium chocolate are in use to make the ramp. It features 4000 diamonds altogether with Pink, Yellow. Black and White Diamonds. Truly, limits and heights of spendings have been crossed altogether. In the end, we cake lovers just have one thing to say…

A Cake is the heart of any Occasion <3 “

Special mentions

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding cake – $20,000

kim kardashian's wedding cake making it to the list of the most expensive cakes in the world

Image source –

  • Created by – Patrick Hansen
  • Dimensions – 600 pounds standing 8 Tier tall.
  • Flavour – Chocolate-chip marble cake
  • Occasion – Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding
“One of the most expensive wedding cake that lasted more than the 72-day wedding

It’s funny when you hear that a cake can last more than a relationship. How cleverly stated by Daily mail. It stands 8 feet tall and weighs 600 pounds. What is confusing is the cake alternated between the white and black tiers for a not so usual big life wedding. Since the wedding would be page 3 article for many newspapers and magazines Kim and Kris had to stand up to the occasion and shell out that cash. The cake takes the cover of a delicious buttercream frosting and was transported through three different vans. Now, that’s what a marriage preparation looks like !!.

The funniest part about this cake was that it was not even served to the guests at the wedding and instead separate sheet cakes were prepared for them since it would be a hassle for anyone to cut the cake and moreover use the time to serve it. As controversial as the Kardashian life, rumors came up that the cake went waste since it was not possible to accommodate such a delicious mountain anywhere.

Swarovski crystal cake from Sex and the City – $32,000

Because this crystal-bling themed cake had to be mentioned on the list of the costliest cakes in the world

Image source – lindy’

  • Created by – Ron Ben-Israel
  • Dimensions – 6 feet 4 inches tall, 5 Tier
  • Uniqueness – Studded and covered with 4,100 Swarovski crystals
  • Occasion – Sex and the City movie

Have you ever imagined how does a cake float mid-air? Well if you did this cake has to be the epitome of it. In my opinion one of the most beautiful and inspirational cakes on the list of the top 14 most expensive cakes in the world. Depicting a waterfall is the main idea of this cake. About nine people worked on the cake for 50 hours in order to create the mind-boggling crystal floating effect on the cake. Swarovski crystals feature in the dressing of the cake from top to bottom. It is completely edible as the crystals were completely detachable from the cake. Frozen water and sparkle is the theme to the cake. One of the inspirations for the cake was the dress of Mitzi Gaynor.

Approximately 4,100 Swarovski crystals (my mind blows off) are used to make this cake. If we could ever describe the marriage of jewels and delicacies this is what it is. Sex and the city crew thanks for giving us the true definition of bling.

Coming to the end of the list we just want to take a moment and appreciate all your efforts in reading our article on the top 14 most expensive cakes in the world. Stay tuned for amazing and more wonderful blogs like these, and remember Because no matter the occasion, Say AA is the solution. A big THANKYOU :)

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